Video Production for Higher Education

We create videos that enhance the student experience, improve student enrollment campaigns and support various on or off campus program initiatives.

Engaging & Compelling Content

Our videos are designed to provide an experience that helps prospective students feel more connected and engaged with their campus and community.
Our aim is to showcase the opportunities available to students, helping them envision their future and inspiring them to take the next step in their academic journey.

How We Helped Stetson University

We helped Stetson University with on-site video production, which improved the student experience and increased enrollment numbers.

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Challenges That Come with Creating Professional Videos

Producing professional videos for educational institutions can be difficult due to:

  • Budget limitations
  • Scheduling constraints and
  • Challenges with involving students and leadership

However, our team has the expertise to overcome these obstacles and deliver outstanding video content that achieves your objectives.

Our Approach to Creating a Great Video

At Signal Media, our approach to creating great videos for higher education centers around the following:

Collaboration - We work closely with the institution to understand its unique needs and assist in planning to make sure all key parties are on board and excited about the project.

Creativity - Marketing is a combination of the scientific and the artistic. It is our job to find the balance between both of these by creating content that create outcomes. The combination of our planning and storyboarding before we shoot and is enhanced by the expertise of our editing team to bring it all together in the end.

Authenticity - To establish trust and credibility, we showcase real environments and highlight genuine stories about the institution and its people. This creates a genuine connection with the audience and accurately represents each institution's values and mission.

Our Process

step one

Making it affordable

We maximize efficiency and reduce production costs with our streamlined process, which allows us to offer more affordable services to our clients. Additionally, we provide customized packages that cater to the unique needs of each client.

step two

Capturing the Story

We capture the story by conducting thorough research and using visual story telling techniques that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

step three

Making it Shareable

We ensure that our video can easily be shared across various social media social media platforms by optimizing the content for different sizes and aspect ratio. This enables the video to be more accessible and engaging in a wider audience, regardless of the platform it is shared on.

step four

Working with your team

You will be assigned a point person who will work directly with your team's point person.

To make sure we meet your expectations, we keep our communication lines open and clear through the entire project.

step five

Creating assets with multiple uses

Most of the content that we use can be repurposed for multiple use cases. This creates allows your team to decide if there are any other uses after completing the project or if you need to build it into the project.

Our Team

Our team is experienced, professional, reliable and insured.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide our clients with high-quality services that meet your needs and exceed expectations.

With our team, you can trust that your project is in good hands.

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