Our team is made up of experts in strategy, storytelling, search, social, Adwords and analytics.

What makes us tick is seeing our clients' campaigns produce results. Creating a marketing strategy that accomplishes a goal and adds growth is the tangible result that makes us stay up late and wake up early.

Located in Ormond Beach, FL and serving clients all over the country.

Our Team

Lindsay Murray - Business & Content Manager

Tim Parkin - Lead Developer

Kim Gordon - Graphic Designer

About Our Founder

An entrepreneur, consultant and mentor with a passion for business. Having completed my "10,000 hours" in the areas of sales, marketing and business development, my goal is to assist business owners and CEOs with the effort of growing their companies, using timeless principles and modern tools.

My wife and three small children take first priority in my life. There is no amount of money that can replace the fun I get to have with them at this early stage of their life and I am very grateful for it.

Having been a cohort leader with creatingjobs.org for the last three years, this is by far my favorite "hobby" outside of work. Meeting with local Haitian and Honduran business owners and giving them tools to grow their businesses, create jobs and alleviate poverty at a local level is better than shooting under 100 on the golf course. But I'm not going to lie, a 97 every now and again is pretty fun.

Watch a short video about the work we do in developing countries.