Personalizing your content online is a simple and easy way to create a relatable and authentic conversation with your audience.

When your audience sees authenticity in your ads or social media, their levels of engagement will go up. Here are four ideas that will help you personalize your content. 

1. Target a Community

Typically, you want to sell your product or service to a large group of people within a certain set of parameters, based on geography or demographics. But when trying to personalize your content it is good to pick an individual community within that larger audience. By choosing a community, you’re able to tailor your message in a way your audience can relate more closely. 

Rather than being too broad by targeting business owners in the city of Orlando, you could target a community by their interests. For example, focusing on the CrossFit Community in Orlando would allow you to build a messaging campaign around this niche of people. After finding a specific community, the job of building a campaign becomes more directional. 

2. Find a Point of Commonality 

Commonality can help improve your efforts dramatically. With your community in mind, choosing a specific point of interest in which they can relate, increases the chances of them engaging with your message. This is amplified with smaller audiences where you can speak their specific language without fear of leaving anyone out. 

For example, when targeting CrossFitters in Orlando, you could relate to them by speaking their language of fitness, using words and phrases that are unique to them. Also, relating something you are doing with their intensity or commitment would get their attention more than a general message about fitness. 

3. Match Their Vernacular and Tone

Drilling deeper into your point of commonality, matching the vernacular and tone of the community you decide to target can increase your engagement even more. The best way to accomplish this would be to find a team member at your company who is actually part of that community and knows it well enough to know their nuances. Someone who can tweak your messaging to be as authentic as possible will ensure your message doesn’t sound fake and resonates with that audience. If you’re unable to apply this because you don’t genuinely understand the group well enough, take the time to understand the community you’re approaching before trying to match their tone and authentically relate.

Talking about WODs, burpees, 5am workouts or the muscle groups you work, will get you further with someone who is actually a CrossFitter. If you don’t know the vernacular, a real member of this community will be able to smell a fake. 

Building Rapport

Starting with messaging that is selling a product or a service should not be your first move. Starting with a top of the funnel mentality will bring awareness to what you’re doing and show a connection to the community you’re targeting. Think about it like this – when you join a group in person, you need time to see if the group is the right fit for you and if you’re the right fit for the group. Taking your time and building rapport allows you to use your rapport as leverage to offer options and weigh in with your opinions, which will eventually funnel the conversation towards a purchase if there is a mutuality of benefit.

Practical Application:

There are three different applications for building rapport and using the points we’ve discussed above in this article. 

1. Facebook Ads 

Using Facebook Ads gives a top funnel level of awareness and trust to build mentality. Using ads will allow you to run messaging in front of a targeted community while speaking their language. Here you can ask your audience to opt in to further conversation. Remember, the more rapport you build it will enable more engagement down the road. This is the key to this method. It is hard bringing someone from 0 to a purchase. Only 1-3% are actually buying at any given time.

2. Email

Having a list of community members (e.i. Crossfitters in Orlando), gives you an easy and affordable way to nurture a group while you establish rapport. Then you can sprinkle in offers where it makes sense. Building a method of communication consistently will give context to any offers you might make. You can use Facebook Ads to drive your prospective community to your email list and only pay once for their attention.

3. Instagram

Organically, you can utilize Instagram Carousels and Reels. With up to 10 slides on each post, you can use the first slide to get attention. After gaining an audience’s attention, the middle slides can be about building interest in the topic. The very last slide, being the offer or the opt-in for further conversation. 

At the moment Instagram is giving more attention organically to those who are using all of their features but mostly Reels (as it tries to take back some market share from Tik Tok). 

As for Instagram ads, it’s good to follow the same process for Facebook Ads. Start the conversation and nurture over time.

Summary: What Personalization Can Do For You

There is more than meets the eye with personalization, but once you have geared your team towards personalizing, you’ll notice a better connection with the audience you want to sell to. Creating a specific message will also be easier for your team because you’re appealing to a specific group of people. 

If you need help with this, get in touch with our team, we can help you to map your content for better engagement.