How You Can Use Stories to Impact Social Media


As humans, we are constantly wrapped up in a story if it has a good plot, arc, and is relatable and authentic.


Nowadays, stories on social media platforms have been growing and growing, and companies can use stories on social to their advantage.


They should be using these platforms to tell short form stories about their lives, the culture of their company, and the overall narrative that they strive to accomplish with their customers.


2 Reasons Why You Should be Using Stories


  1.   They drive traffic to your posts


If you post a story on Instagram, it’s going to pop on peoples’ feeds. When they see your stories everyday they’re going to be continuously up to date with your brand and you will be on the top of their mind.


It brings a very personalized nature to business where people are engaged with your content and what is happening at your company, and they may not even know who you are yet!


Stories are a great way to humanize your message and brand to your audience, as well as bringing attention to the other content that you want them to see.


If you are adding actual posts to your page, the stories will fill in the gaps of the bigger content you upload and draw people to those longer posts.


  1.   They work.


Not only do they drive more people to your content, they actually get people immersed through the human side of what your company is doing.


This is very evident in Youtubers today. They just pick up a camera and use the tools the proper way and know their audience and what their audience likes.


They really connect with the audience and are rewarded for it, because they build a big following. That can also work for a company that’s trying to build a following from other companies that they want to do business with.  


The bottom line is that these stories work and they are an excellent filler for humanizing the connection.


So, if you are using stories, or thinking of using stories, the most important thing to consider is to use the stories tool to tell stories.


Planning out what you are going to say or what content you are going to create for that day (or week) is very helpful.


For any company that is about to go into the work week, think about how you can personalize what you are doing and get your message across to your audience in a way that’s really valuable to them. Maybe a sales rep is in charge of your Instagram or YouTube channel.


Stories don’t always have to be on the fly or live, they can be videos that you take and edit, then post later. Be a little more intentional about what you are posting instead of a train of thought, and the impact will be much better.


When you’re telling an actual story, think about it like a story! There is a direction that you are headed, there is an arc to the story, and there is a message.


Maybe it is a sales rep taking over your Facebook stories for the week, so your audience will ride with them for a week.


The sales rep will say “Okay, I am out prospecting, I am going to these meetings, I am flying to New York for a conference. We are in these internal meetings, and then we have team building meetings.” So, what’s the story?


We are in the day in the life of a Sales Representation for X company.


Start out with the goal of what that sales representative is trying to accomplish for the week, so that their audience can be along for the ride with them, and feel like they are part of that week’s narrative.


If you’ve taken that audience along with you, they are going to feel so much more rewarded at the end. They will feel like they walked in this sales representative’s shoes, and yet they did it in about one minute.


At the end of that minute they felt super connected to the company in a way that you could not have done without video or stories.


It is very important to keep these things in mind when you are planning the content for your company.


Be on stories, understand the platform so you are doing it the proper way, so people will receive it the right way, and make sure you connect to the audience.


Are you looking for assistance with story making on social media? At Signal Media Agency, we are here for you.